An area of improvement is getting information out to the congregation on who is in charge

of what programs and what programs are offered. So, the following list will help:

Gene Purcell – Board President

Andy Bradbury – Outreach / Pastoral Care / Asst Finance

Dave Maxwell – Youth Programs

Brad White – Building and Grounds / Audiovisual

Monte Bickers – Building and Grounds / Security

Ritchie Wesley – Building and Grounds / Pastoral Care / Security

Gail Kirkham – Finance / Building and Grounds / Pastoral Care

As you can see, the board is busy, we having been praying for ways to help train new leaders and mentor them to take over some of the areas we have short comings in. Our thoughts are we have a lot of talent in the church that would be better in some areas. We believe you might have a passion in a certain area and with the support of the Board. You will do a better job in that area then someone just thrown into that job. The following is a list of areas that we need help in and would like to help you get started.

Outreach – new ideas to reach out into the community with events geared to bringing the lost to Christ.Help Andy and take over the duties on Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Pastoral Care – A new program meant to reach those in the hospitals, nursing homes, etc. More to come on this, but Andy will be the contact person and will need volunteers to help do the visiting. He will be the contact when someone is in the hospital or needs a visit. We cannot visit if we do not know of the issue or concern, communication will be the key.

Praise Team – Always in the need for singers, piano player, and musicians. See Bob Lovell for interest.Practice on Thursday and perform on Sunday’s and other events in the community throughout the year.Sunday school Teachers and Children’s Church – What a blessing this can be, all material is provided to you and the lesson doesn’t take long. Then you can visit with the kids and do small activities. We seem to struggle with this, but if everyone could sign up once then you wouldn’t have to do it but once or twice a year for children’s church and Sunday school can be a quarterly thing or monthly depends on the help.

Audiovisual – learn the system and support Tim and the praise team with the sermon and words to the songs.

LIFE Group Leader – Cora is stepping down as the president, Thank her for all she does. This group ofwomen fellowship and help the church in ways I can’t list them all. They are in charge of the LadiesNight program also.

Small Group Leaders – Always a good time of fellowship and learning. Several have been scared or notfelt qualified to be a leader, but after they get started they have commented on what a blessing it was.Quarterly Event Coordinator – Would like to see someone take this on and plan an event for everyquarter in 2020 and beyond. As you know we have them planned this year, but if someone wants totake these over and help get them organized, no one will be upset with the help. It’s a much neededprogram for fellowship among the congregation.

Sunday Morning Greeters – Help Mary Beth with the welcome table. She tries to make sure all new andvisiting people get a greeting and a coffee mug. We have many new people coming and we want to tryand not miss anyone.

Church Website – Help maintain the website, Cora and Caitlyn Drury has taken this on, but us older generation are not as tech savvy as you younger ones are. She would appreciate any help she can get. If you have any relevant information about the website, then please proceed to contact Cora through Facebook.

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